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Learn Injecting School
of Aesthetics
​Providing Basic and Advanced Botox and Fillers Certification Courses.
This curriculum is approved by the State of Calif. and certification and CE's will be granted upon completion of courses.  CE provider #17371.

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Welcome to Learn Injecting School of Aesthetics!
Basic Botox and Filler Certification Course
Learn Injecting School of Aesthetics is a  boutique style training school developed to certify medical professionals in the exciting field of medical aesthetics. Learn Injecting School of Aesthetics was established when Lisa was training for a large national company, and saw the lack of individualized instruction, minimal hands-on and little emphasis on patient safety - often at a very large expense to the students. Her company was born out of seeing the need for a cohesive, practical and individualized curriculum, where the students are given the time to learn, with plenty of hands-on instruction. The classes are held in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

 The goal of L.I.S.A. is for the novice injector to gain the confidence and skills needed to become a certified injector and the experienced injectors to hone their skills and take their aesthetic injecting careers to the next level.  Whether a brand new student seeking initial certification, or a seasoned injector wanting to learn specialized techniques, L.I.S.A. ensures students will leave feeling confident, safe, and competent as injectors.  Our mentor-ship and training extends beyond the classroom, with many of our students taking several more classes and maintaining an on-going relationship. Our students are secure in the knowledge they can call on us for future support and assistance as they advance from novice to expert injectors. Our students are not taught in a cookie cutter fashion, and our desire is to share our love and passion for the field of aesthetics and to impart our experience and knowledge in this exciting and fast growing field. Students leave our classes feeling exhilarated, proud of their achievements, and inspired to accomplish more.

Lisa Goldsmith, MSN, FNP.
CEO and Founder of LMG School of Aesthetic Injecting

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to be the premier medical aesthetic training facility in Southern Calif.  We want to share our passion, experience and knowledge of aesthetics with other medical professionals.
We offer practical, informative classes with emphasis on hands on injection technique.  Our main objective is for the beginning injector to gain clinical competence and for the experienced injector to hone their skills and advance to the next level.

- Kind Words From Our Clients -

"I just finished taking Lisa’s sculptra class and it was fantastic! Lisa is very informative and she made sure that I understood everything I needed to know about sculptra and neurotoxins. She was very patient with me and took her time so I could fully grasp her lesson. It was one of the best classes that I have ever taken and I would highly recommend anyone who is even thinking about taking a class to do so with Lisa. This is my first of many classes that I will take with Lisa and I couldn’t be happier."
Mary Grootegoed R.N.
Huntington Harbor Laser

"Lisa is amazing. Her teaching approach is very methodical and patient. The didactic portion is very thorough and gives a detailed understanding about facial anatomy; As a new injector you want to feel like you can inject product safely yet effectively. After her instruction,  my injection technique and skills greatly improved and I felt confident injecting patient's on my own."

Heather E.

"My colleague and I attended a training course In San Diego taught by Lisa through a different company. Unfortunately this company who hired her was not fully prepared, making numerous obstacles to overcome! Thank the lord Lisa was our teacher, she jumped into action, got on the phone and was able to get our training supplies for us to practice with.  she even stayed 4 hours later than the course was intended to go just to make sure we were comfortable in both Botox and fillers. Lisa is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry, and it’s products. She also is a great teacher and is easily available for any and all questions I had! She even answers my texts and emails! I mean come on! Who does that! Lisa rocks!!! She is an amazing resource to have on our team, even if it is through email/text. I am looking forward to having her come to my office to for further training." 
Maria Faaeteete, FNP

"Lisa's Botox and Dermal Filler class was exceptionally put together, I left the class feeling confident with my newfound knowledge. The didactic portion of the class covered everything I needed to know in regards to Botox and dermal fillers; how the product works, reconstitution for Botox, optimal injection points, areas to avoid and why. Questions were answered accordingly. The hands-on portion of the class was the best part, I was able to implement what I had just learned in the didactic portion. Lisa was standing there every step of the way making sure everyone was handling all of the products correctly. Her guidance allowed for feedback from the student and the models. Her techniques were easy to learn and implement. With her training I was able to find a job soon after taking the course. My patients leave satisfied with the work I do. I highly recommend taking Lisa's Botox and Dermal Fillers course, your clients will thank you."
Beverly Sanchez, BSN, RN