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​Providing Basic and Advanced Botox and Fillers Certification Courses.
Provider is approved educator by State of Calif. Board of Nursing.   Participants will receive CE's upon successful completion of courses. CE provider # 17371.

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​​Advanced Training - Neurotoxins and Fillers $1499 (4 CE's)
he advanced course will cover filler mid-face injections, chin augmentation, temples, tear troughs and injection of neurotoxins to include peri-oral lines, platysmal bands, dimpled chin, correction of gummy smile, masseters and slimming of the jaw-line.  *Prerequisite:  You should have been doing basic injecting for a min of 6 months before taking this course.

Specialty Courses (1.5 CE's)
These four hour seminars will focus on specific areas to further your expertise.  Prices are per person, and you can bring up to 3 models to work on, depending on class size at time of enrollment.

Cannula Technique $750
 This technique minimizes risk of bruising and vascular compromise and is one of the safest ways to inject.  It is virtually painless for the patient, and if you can master this technique it will put you way ahead as an aesthetic injector.

Hand Fillers $499 (new Sale price!)
Specialty seminar teaches the FDA approved Restylane
Lyft and Radiesse for plumping and restoring lost volume to hands, minimizing the appearance of veins and aging.

Sculptra $750
This is a bio-stimulator that stimulates a patient's own collagen response for a subtle, natural look.​ and is an excellent way to avoid the overdone "filler face" look people can often get.  Sculptra is one of the most in demand aesthetic treatments, and there are very few hands on Sculptra training courses in the USA.  Note: Face Sculptra only, in the future buttocks and other body sculpting areas will be added.

Temples and Tear Troughs  $750
Aging creates volume loss and hollowing in the temples and peri-orbital region.  Mastery of these highly specialized 
injections will place you well on your way to become an advanced injector. Emphasis placed on safety, anatomical structures to avoid, and correct products to use.

****New Offering!!! Lip Seminar - $499 per person introductory price!!
In this hand-on class you will learn how to perfect the Cupid's bow and philtral columns, enhance the vermillion border, inject the wet-dry areas of the lips, learn the "lip cleavage" technique, and how to avoid a "duck lip" look.  Anatomy and vasculature of the lips will be discussed as well as how to avoid common pitfalls and complications, and what fillers to use.  Lips can be one of the trickiest areas for a new injector to master, but done correctly can be beautiful and transformative.  Lip enhancement is one of the most sought after aesthetic treatments. Come hone your skills in this specialty seminar.  1.5 CE.

Private training at your facility upon request.  Local or throughout USA.  Call to schedule!

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