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Learn Injecting School
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​Providing Basic and Advanced Botox and Fillers Certification Courses.
Provider is approved educator by State of Calif. Board of Nursing.   Participants will receive CE's upon successful completion of courses. CE provider # 17371.

 Models Sign Up Form 

Would you like to be a model for one of our upcoming training classes? 

​​You will get deeply discounted product that will be administered by licensed medical professionals under direct supervision.  You must be healthy, with no underlying seriously medical conditions, and not pregnant or nursing.

You must be over 18 in order to be considered.  Your cost will be $5 unit for neuromodulators and $280 per syringe of dermal filler (some syringes may be slightly more). 

Please bring debit or credit card as we do not carry cash during the training.  Fill out the information form and indicate areas you are interested in having treated. If you are coming as a model for one of the students that you know, please indicate their name as well. 

We will contact you and give you dates and times if we are able to use you for one of our upcoming training courses. Thank you and look forward to seeing you!
Health Conditions
Areas you want treated